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Westfield: The Front Line – On The Double

Goodbye cruel, cold, dark weather. Hello happy, warm(er), bright(er) weather! I don’t usually mind winter as I use it as an opportunity to rekindle my love of layering, but I was getting kind over it to be honest. Now that it’s almost summer it’s time to get the shades out, limbs out and bring back the carefree attitude and styling that goes with it.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Westfield again to style three different spring/summer looks as part of The Front Line campaign. The first of the three – and possibly one of my favourite, interchangeable, summer-friendly and street-but-fashion looks that is an amalgamation of my cherished things – luxe, texture, accessories and denim – but with a double twist. Double as in – well, you can probably figure out quite easily. Double the rosé accents, double the pink, and double the denim – because you know how much I love to theme out my looks. It’s just my thing… Continue Reading


Wrapped & Tied

New season = new shoes! And what better way to welcome spring than with a pair of super sexy, ultra-feminine, wrap-n-tie sandals than with these block heeled beauties from Windsor Smith. And because one colour just won’t do, I’ve opted for two. Notice the rhyming there…

I’m usually a no-fuss kinda gal when it comes to heels – I love the convenience of slip-ons and at most, single-buckle straps. Seldom do I tolerate the complexities of wrap arounds – but these are totally an exception. You only need to wrap a couple of times and you’re done! Wrap it high, wrap it low, tie a knot or do a bow (I’m like a wordy rapper), these ‘Ginny’ heels are ideal for the warmer weather and the leather covered block heel make them mega comfy and allow you to withstand longer hours on your feet – e.i., fashion week. Continue Reading

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Westfield: Own Your Story – Black and Leather Kinda Weather

I’m back – and in all black, baby. Don’t be too fooled by some of my recent social posts – although I’ve been embracing a lot of colour lately, here in Melbourne – and in the heart of winter – we wear black. Or leather. Or both. And lots of it. It’s the signature city palette and fail safe go-to attire because when it’s cold, it’s hella cold. But when the sun comes out it’ll have you forgetting what season it was.

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Back to Basics

After a little break from posting on the blog, I figured what better way to come back than with a special feature that focuses on substance – not just style.

One of the most asked questions on my social accounts are fitness and nutrition based – so I figured, why not share some of my little secrets on how to look banging in a bandage dress? The main component – going back to basics.

I’ve always been an advocate for healthy living, eating and exercise. I believe in a balanced diet and lifestyle with a lot of help from exercise. I eat organic and Australian grown and made whenever possible and keep my intake of carbs, bad fats and processed foods at a minimum. I drink plenty of water, almost three litres per day of pure hydration. However, I admit it ain’t easy to stay committed and every now and then I can lose momentum, just like anybody else. When you’re busy, it’s understandable, but I also think it’s important to gain back traction.

Looking good really does start from the inside and it shines right through. I’m not a health nut – yeah I indulge in a little rosé, fancy restaurant dinners and the occasional treat, but I do my part to ensure a healthy diet and fitness level to keep me feeling and looking good. We all have our vices, but I think a little bit of naughty can also keep you sane and everything in moderation is key.

One thing I decided to take on for a few days is stripping back my food consumption and literally, going back to basics – with the help of my new little friend, Eden B2B. I know you guys are probably sick of seeing all these tasteless and shameless promotions of other weight loss and detox supplements – but this ain’t what that is. This is about clean, wholesome and minimal consumption of good, nutritious, raw wholefoods that actually works. Continue Reading


Westfield: Own Your Story – Rosé All Day

What a more poetic way to conclude my Westfield #ownyourstory style series than to wear one of my favourite colours (and drink) – rosé – during a beautiful sunset with similar hues; a symbolic celebration of this campaign, and of my personal style.

Some may call it pastel pink, others call it blush – everyone sees colour differently but in my eyes, and in this sunset, the only colour I was seeing was rosé. Kinda like that saying – ‘like looking through rose coloured glasses’. In this instance, as the lighting perfectly complemented and enhanced the colours of my final ensemble – it was as if I was doing just that.

Just because the colder season is upon us, doesn’t mean we necessarily need to don our darkest (or winter whitest) apparel – at times I like to wear soft shades to contradict the weather and work in harmony with the autumn colour wheel of warm, autumn shades. Here, it’s rosé. Believe it or not, as I type these final words of my style stories and start to wind it down, I’m sipping on a nice, sparkling glass of rosé.

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Westfield: Own Your Story – Winter Whites

As the colder season draws near, what a more appropriate shade combination to compliment the climate than a head-to-toe ensemble of winter whites. I mean, not that it ever snows in Melbourne – but it’s been damn close! We’ve seen some hail – though it’s a minimal and not a common occurrence (thankfully) but it’s probably the closest thing to snow I’ve seen in years.

For my third installment of my Westfield Own Your Story campaign, I wanted to create another style that I love to repeat from time to time. Last post was about all black, so I’ve decided to do the opposite and style myself in winter white shades of snow, ivory and off-white with a little glimmer of gold. It’s a look that requires a helluva lotta care – a word of warning, do not wear if you intend to eat in front of people or if going somewhere dusty/dirty/muddy! Some people are sauce magnets and luckily I’m not one of those, but you never know when you’re gonna get stained because hey – accidents do happen. So wear with care! Continue Reading