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Luisaviaroma: Sexy Summer Shoe Selects

Repeat after me: I need more shoes. Or is it that I just simply want? Need, want – such a fine line… One thing’s for certain – one can never have too many shoes.

With summer on the way, I figured why not a little sexy shoe update? I – like pretty much all girls on this planet – am a shoe addict. And more so, high heels and statement sky-highs. The best place to feed your shoe addiction? Luisaviaroma.

With pages and pages of the latest and greatest styles to feast your eyes (more like feet) on, there’s a pair – or two – or three – for everybody. I mean aside from the vast array of covetable designer clothing, jewellery and accessories – shoes is the first category I click on.

The shoes maketh the woman (and man). Or at least, they maketh the outfit. And I have selected a couple of pairs that are sure to make any outfit. Continue Reading


Fame and Partners

If you don’t know about Fame and Partners – you do now. And now that you do – you’ll be hooked. And you can thank me later.

A truly one of a kind destination for young women (and young at heart), Fame and Partners offers not only the hottest occasion dresses in the most premium quality, but also a bespoke dress making service where you have the power to customize your chosen style into a look that’s uniquely yours – without the traditional cost or logistics.

This season, they’ve teamed with Aussie bombshell Bambi Northwood-Blyth along with photographer Pierre Toussaint, make-up guru Max May and stylist Marina Afonina to bring us the #BambiXFame killer luxe collection. Continue Reading


Politely Pink

It might not seem like it – but I don’t have a lot of pink in my wardrobe. It’s a sea of whites, blacks and nudes, in all sorts of shades. Then there’s the minority – including pink, navies, and the odd khaki or bold colour. But you know when I do colour, I make the most of it! Continue Reading


Navy Baby

You all know single-colour layering is my thing. And so is my consistent palette of monochromes and neutrals. But when I find the perfect navy colour – girl, I’m all over it!

Some navies are french – it’s nice, but too dark for me. Some navies have warm undertones – looks kinda murky. But this particular navy executed by LIFEwithBIRD is high-impact and is just right.

Continue Reading


Black & Gold

When in doubt, wear black… And top it off with a little gold. Right?

It’s safe to say black on black on black is everyone’s go-to, fail-safe and idiot-proof dress code of choice to cure those moments of having nothing to wear – regardless of the event. If I’m not going for an all-white or all-camel/nude, then all-black is my number one. Always have been, and always will be! A little black dress, a structured black blazer, the perfect black pumps – all come together so effortlessly with a dash of gold. Three staple little items, there for you when you need them the most. Continue Reading

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Fit for a Queen

I’m back! I know, I know – this post is well overdue but hope the wait is worth it!

It’s not everyday I get excited by chairs but this one is an exception and transcends far beyond its general purpose. I mean it’s more like a throne – weaved perfection by the super talented Vito Selma. Peacock chair well and truly fit for a queen! One in every colour, please and thank you πŸ˜‰ Continue Reading