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Westfield: Own Your Story – Rosé All Day

What a more poetic way to conclude my Westfield #ownyourstory style series than to wear one of my favourite colours (and drink) – rosé – during a beautiful sunset with similar hues; a symbolic celebration of this campaign, and of my personal style.

Some may call it pastel pink, others call it blush – everyone sees colour differently but in my eyes, and in this sunset, the only colour I was seeing was rosé. Kinda like that saying – ‘like looking through rose coloured glasses’. In this instance, as the lighting perfectly complemented and enhanced the colours of my final ensemble – it was as if I was doing just that.

Just because the colder season is upon us, doesn’t mean we necessarily need to don our darkest (or winter whitest) apparel – at times I like to wear soft shades to contradict the weather and work in harmony with the autumn colour wheel of warm, autumn shades. Here, it’s rosé. Believe it or not, as I type these final words of my style stories and start to wind it down, I’m sipping on a nice, sparkling glass of rosé.

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Westfield: Own Your Story – Winter Whites

As the colder season draws near, what a more appropriate shade combination to compliment the climate than a head-to-toe ensemble of winter whites. I mean, not that it ever snows in Melbourne – but it’s been damn close! We’ve seen some hail – though it’s a minimal and not a common occurrence (thankfully) but it’s probably the closest thing to snow I’ve seen in years.

For my third installment of my Westfield Own Your Story campaign, I wanted to create another style that I love to repeat from time to time. Last post was about all black, so I’ve decided to do the opposite and style myself in winter white shades of snow, ivory and off-white with a little glimmer of gold. It’s a look that requires a helluva lotta care – a word of warning, do not wear if you intend to eat in front of people or if going somewhere dusty/dirty/muddy! Some people are sauce magnets and luckily I’m not one of those, but you never know when you’re gonna get stained because hey – accidents do happen. So wear with care! Continue Reading

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Farfetch Feelings

Remember my last post with the rosé Giuseppes? Well, here is the insane silver pair that I also just had to have. Been catching some serious Farfetch feelings lately, they pretty much carry everything I love when it comes to luxury fashion. Continue Reading

Micah Gianneli-Westfield-Witchery-Asilio-Tony-Bianco-Own-Your-Story-Street-Style-Editorial-Campaign

Westfield: Own Your Story – Leather Love

I’ve been blessed to be a part of some amazing campaigns lately, and one that I’m especially thrilled about is being a part of Westfield‘s autumn fashion campaign, Own Your Story. This campaign really speaks to me as it’s all about embracing the amazing person you are and expressing your own unique style through fashion. And throughout the season, I’ll be doing just that – through a personally curated collection of autumn/winter trends from some of my favourite brands and retailers from my go-to shopping destination, Westfield.

For me, fashion extends beyond the visual plane and was embedded in my psyche from a young age. I was born to be creative and although my childhood consisted of an eccentric mix of tomboy activities, art and ballet, at the tender age of nine I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. Ever since I’ve chased that dream, and though my journey hasn’t ended yet, I’ve discovered new pathways and roles along the way that I’ve fallen completely in love with and embracing every minute of. Who knows – I may revisit that dream in the near future, but for now – and five years on – it’s fashion blogging.

The road has been long, winding and full of mountains and roadblocks – but all only to make me who I am today. I’ve learned a lot, worked a lot, but loved it a lot. I’m also still learning a lot, working hard and more than ever, and loving everything about it. For anyone considering a career path in blogging, influencing or something similar – if you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. You’ve just gotta be focused, creative, determined and be prepared to work extra hard. This stuff ain’t easy! One really important thing for me too – is to be true to your own unique style and be different. Be you. Own yourself, own your style – and #ownyourstory. Continue Reading

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Burnt Sienna and Rosé

I don’t always wear black. Though it’s my shade of choice, occasionally I do branch out from my noir repertoire and neutral tendencies and slip into palettes I wouldn’t usually do, but deep down – love just as much.

And I don’t always do figure-hugging either. Yeah I like to embrace my feminine form, but have just as much an affinity for something more chic, sophisticated and not necessarily about the sex. But when it comes to the shoes, that’s exactly what it’s all about – the sex appeal.

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