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If you ain’t a cat lover, then turn away. Or stay – because this little guy just might have pussycat persuasion…Meet Charlie, the other man in my life. I’m one lucky lady to have two beautiful males with dreamy blue eyes, who make me laugh and love me unconditionally. Well at least one of them do (the human one) – because we know cats are pretty into themselves. They are the masters, not us. No wonder why the ancient Egyptians worshiped them.

But you know, Charlie’s one of a kind. I know like every cat owner says that about their very own, but seriously though. He has a soul, feelings and I can tell he loves us back. Or at least that’s what I like to think. He’s been there for us, long before this crazy fashion life. He’s as close to having a child as we’ll experience – for now, anyway. And because I love him so much, what better way to introduce him to y’all and get some cute shots of us together (aside from the silly ones we take in our spare time like most of us pet owners do) – than by both of us rockin’ out in a fellow cat lover’s designs – Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl has this super cute collection of not only clothing and accessories inspired by and themed around his love, Choupette, but has a little line dedicated to feline and canine owners too. Collars, tees and even little biker jackets – Karl has something for both yourself and your furry little friend. Because if you deserve to wear Karl, then your pet does too!

I’ve themed this shoot around Charlie and Choupette; I’ve got the cat-eared hat, Robot Karl & Choupette bag, and a Karl tee for the little guy. The blazer and boots are Karl too – classic, casual and chic. The warm weather explains the major leg exposure via my trusted pair of short shorts, but classed it up with the Karl gear.

So you into cats yet? Well you should be. Statistics show they’re great for your health and make for awesome companions. Charlie here is a purebred ragdoll; he’s very friendly, super inquisitive and extremely playful. Yeah he hella malts like crazy and carry multiple lint rollers when we go out, but it’s so worth it.

If you’re looking for something special for yourself and your pet, visit karl.com – you’ll find something mad cute and absolutely lovable for you and your furry friend 😉

Micah-Gianneli-Karl-Lagerfeld-Choupette-Cat-Feline-Fashion-Editorial-Campaign-Ragdoll-CatMicah-Gianneli-Karl-Lagerfeld-Choupette-Cat-Feline-Fashion-Editorial-Campaign-Ragdoll-Cat Micah-Gianneli-Karl-Lagerfeld-Choupette-Cat-Feline-Fashion-Editorial-Campaign-Ragdoll-Cat

Karl Lagerfeld ‘Choupette’ hat //  Karl Lagerfeld ‘Nadya’ punto blazer // Karl Lagerfeld boots (sold out) – click here for similar styles // Karl Lagerfeld dog tee // Karl Lagerfeld K/Robot shopper Karl & Choupette // Karl Lagerfeld ‘Bellville’ watch

Photographer // Jesse Maricic @ ONPOINT.
Model // Micah Gianneli


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