Shades for Days

I know that in my previous post I said that one can never have too many shoes. In addition to that, you can never have too many shades. For real though.

Whether you’re having a make-up free day, going incognito, complimenting a look – or just utilizing them for their sole purpose – sunglasses are, like shoes, like make-up, like anything really – are things that we just need, want, and gotta have in many varieties, styles and colours. They’re indispensable, make you look cool and of course – protect your eyes.

But where does one start when updating their eyewear collection? My ultimate one-stop shop is Vision Direct. With so many different labels, high end to low end and in between, new releases and classic styles, whether you’re a cat’s eye connoisseur or aviator admirer – there’s something for everybody. For yourself, your partner or relative – whoever you are and your needs, you’re bound to find at least several pairs you’ll love and wear forever. It’s like a little piece of luxury that anyone can own.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to choose my top three styles from Vision Direct – a cat’s eye, a classic black and a bold statement pair, each serving different purposes and creating such varied looks. For those who have known me for a while, or follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a chameleon and love to change my look often. I mean, life’s too short for mediocrity and having one set look!

With the holidays and Christmas just around the corner, why don’t you treat your loved one – or yourself – to a little surprise from Vision Direct? With a vast array of eye wear, glasses and sunglasses to choose from – you just can’t go wrong.

Micah-Gianneli-Vision-Direct-Smart-Buy-Sunglasses-Celine-Fendi-Saint-Laurent Micah-Gianneli-Vision-Direct-Smart-Buy-Sunglasses-Celine-Fendi-Saint-Laurent Micah-Gianneli-Vision-Direct-Smart-Buy-Sunglasses-Celine-Fendi-Saint-Laurent

Image 1: Céline ‘Caty’ sunglasses – here / Image 2: Saint Laurent ‘SL 31’ sunglasses – here / Image 3: Fendi ‘Irida’ sunglasses – here

Photographer // Jesse Maricic @ ONPOINT.

Model // Micah Gianneli


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