Styling a Streaked Pixie Cut

I’ve been obssessing about going back to blonde for a while now, and though I came very close to doing so – I let common sense take over and only got a dose of this high maintenance shade. For now, anyway.

I decided I’d be putting my hard grown length of hair at risk with the platinum change, considering the number of times I’d bleached and dyed back to different shades of brown then black – I thought I’d rather test the waters with this method before going all the way…

Anyway, here’s my first salon experience with Oscar Oscar – who have been so amazing throughout the whole process, and very patient (my hair is so stubborn). Salon partner and colourist, cutter and stylist extraordinaire Robert has done a such a fantastic job, I’m so happy with the results! Ain’t nothin like a fresh new do, that’s for sure!

Oscar Oscar Salons have locations throughout Australia – check out their website here, and I highly recommend you experience a hair treatment at one of their salons!

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Hair by Robert Weir from Oscar Oscar at Southland

Photography & videography / Jesse Maricic
Model & editor / Micah Gianneli
Microphone and headphones / Sennheiser


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