Two Fly

One style shoe. Two colourways. Two ways I’ve worn them. Limitless combinations. Shoes too fly I had to have in both my favourite shades – in black, and in white. Ahh Sophia Webster, you’ve stolen my heart yet again. And Luisaviaroma, you just keep me (and my feet) so happy. And lookin’ oh, so fly…

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m partial to shoes. I mean what normal, warm blooded female isn’t? Of course I love clothing, but shoes for me are like the garnish; the topping, and that thing that just makes you go ‘wow’. I make shoe contact before I make eye contact, and that’s saying something. For me, no heel is too high, no design too bold – if I could conquer them all (the nice ones) – I would. Can you blame me? When there’s beauties like these, how can you not?

You know my favourite go to destination for luxury items is Luisaviaroma. They’ve always got something I want/need (same thing). This time, I needed these winged angels, in both colours. I decided to style them in two different ways; one minimal and chic look perfect for going out – including this gorgeous little lace halter by For love and Lemons, also from Luisaviaroma. A little risqué, perhaps – but hey, it’s still covered. When your lingerie is too good to hide, then why do it? So long as it’s showcased tastefully and leaving some to the imagination still, of course. Throw on a little crop leather biker to be a little bit modest. But I think the black Evangelines perfectly complemented the top, adding to the delicacy of the look.

The second outfit I wanted to evoke a little drama and the epitome of femininity – the white Evangelines and the white dress were a match made in heaven, creating the perfect mix of feminine youthfulness, innocence and elegance. The wings were a compliment to the playfulness and volume of the high-low skirt, and overall elevated the ensemble. Probably not a wining and dining type of outfit, but perfect for a special day…

So there you have it – two super fly heels – literally and figuratively – worn two different ways. And I’m so flattered that it caught the eye of the super talented Fiona Stark – I love her illustrations!

Which look is your favourite?








Having a girl moment 🙆🏼 Music by @flightfac ft. @thisisowleyes ‘Heart Attack’ remixed by @snakehipsmusic

A video posted by Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli) on

Getting girly 💁🏼 Music by @flightfac ft. @thisisowleyes ‘Heart Attack’ remixed by @snakehipsmusic

A video posted by Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli) on

Look 1 / For Love and Lemons skivvies ‘Delilah’ lace halter bra from Luisaviaroma  – here / Sophia Webster ‘Evangeline’ wing suede sandals from Luisaviaromahere

Look 2 / Sophia Webster ‘Evangeline’ wing sandals from Luisaviaromahere

Artwork by Fiona Stark

Photographer // Jesse Maricic @ ONPOINT.
Model // Micah Gianneli


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  • Lynda Okoli

    I feel the same way about shoes, I’m totally partial to them. I love Sophia Webster shoes so much, definitely one of my favourite shoe designers. I love both looks so much it’s hard to choose but since I have to I’ll go with the second look just because I can see myself rocking that look, it’s really nice and girly. Ohhhh but the first look is hot! Super sexy and bad ass and it’s black, who doesn’t love black. Awesome post Micah, I’m guessing it’s pretty difficult to post regularly (you seem like a busy person too) but I really appreciate the effort you put behind your posts and instagram pictures and videos. Keep the great work up!

  • Priscillia Okpan

    That white dress with the asymmetric hemline though! Swoon!!!

  • Amanda

    Love both of these looks but I must say the black is my fav!
    Beautiful shoes too


  • those shoes are something to die for!

  • Vlada

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • Lol, so I love the black ones but the white dress is so divine.
    Lagos, Nigeria

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