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Ad: ‘Tis The Season To Be Dressy – A Selfridges Story

December 17, 2018

In Collaboration with Selfridges

It’s that time of year again – where shopping literally becomes everyone’s cardio, eating and drinking becomes weight lifting and socializing becomes a sport. It’s officially the season of sharing, caring, giving and receiving; whether for others or for yourself – or both. And why not both? ‘Tis the season for guiltless spending. Where doing anything in excess is appropriate and excusable – like buying gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). I mean, self-love is just as important, right? And with all the end of year events, what better way to celebrate another year than by rewarding yourself (or a loved one) by getting something special to wear to that special event (or, just because it’s a kind gesture)? A dress perhaps – something that you (or a loved one) will feel good wearing. And to make it even more special, a designer dress? And even better – from Selfridges?

This season’s events call for dresses that are a little more special; so go on and treat yourself – don’t cheat yourself. I’m not a label snob by any means – I wear what I love and feels right, but I do love my dresses just a little more when they’re by some of my favourite labels. I mean there’s just something more thrilling about slipping on that luxe fabric exclusive to that particular label. And if it only happens once a year, why not this time of year?

As you know, I love mixing it up. I enjoy embracing all my sides – whether dark, bold, wild, feminine, chic or minimal – I’m pretty open and I love experimenting with different styles while staying true to my own personal aesthetic. So, when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Selfridges I was super excited! And just in time for the holidays.

For this special feature, I’ve chosen this gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress. It’s much more stunning in reality– the texture and weight of the fabric, the way it flows when you spin and how it hugs the upper body then falls and flounces off the hips. Alexander McQueen dresses are modest but flirty; classic yet modern. I didn’t want to complicate the outfit, so I’ve paired it with some red party heels (seasonally appropriate) and matching bag with statement pearl spiral earrings that mimic the interior structure of the shells embroidered within the dress.

To top it off, I’ve gone for red candy apple lips, my signature winged liner and party-ready hair that will allow me to throw it around as the night unfolds. Being summer here in Australia, and especially in Melbourne – being known for having all four seasons in one day, makes the dress the perfect fit, style and weather-appropriate for the fun holiday season and thereafter.For my friends over in the northern hemisphere, you can throw on a lush coat and some boots. Et voila – a whole different look just as perfect for the winter weather.

We all know how stressful it can be finding the right dress for an occasion, so Selfridges have pretty much got you covered. Literally. You’re bound to find that dress that’s sure to impress!

Selfridges Designer Dresses
Alexander McQueen Designer Dress
Selfridges Alexander McQueen Designer Dress Red Lip Gloss
McQueen Shell Embroidered Dress Selfridges
Black and White Selfridges Dress Red Shoes Pearl Earrings
Alexander McQueen Designer Dress Red Bag Heels Party