Back to Basics

June 21, 2016

After a little break from posting on the blog, I figured what better way to come back than with a special feature that focuses on substance – not just style.

One of the most asked questions on my social accounts are fitness and nutrition based – so I figured, why not share some of my little secrets on how to look banging in a bandage dress? The main component – going back to basics.

I’ve always been an advocate for healthy living, eating and exercise. I believe in a balanced diet and lifestyle with a lot of help from exercise. I eat organic and Australian grown and made whenever possible and keep my intake of carbs, bad fats and processed foods at a minimum. I drink plenty of water, almost three litres per day of pure hydration. However, I admit it ain’t easy to stay committed and every now and then I can lose momentum, just like anybody else. When you’re busy, it’s understandable, but I also think it’s important to gain back traction.

Looking good really does start from the inside and it shines right through. I’m not a health nut – yeah I indulge in a little rosΓ©, fancy restaurant dinners and the occasional treat, but I do my part to ensure a healthy diet and fitness level to keep me feeling and looking good. We all have our vices, but I think a little bit of naughty can also keep you sane and everything in moderation is key.

One thing I decided to take on for a few days is stripping back my food consumption and literally, going back to basics – with the help of my new little friend, Eden B2B. I know you guys are probably sick of seeing all these tasteless and shameless promotions of other weight loss and detox supplements – but this ain’t what that is. This is about clean, wholesome and minimal consumption of good, nutritious, raw wholefoods that actually works.

Eden B2B is a great way for anyone wanting to detox and feel a little on the lighter side. It’s not a tea – so no weird side effects. It’s all organic, raw, holistic, gluten-free, non-GMO and pesticide and herbicide free blend of food consisting of:

  • Cashew, walnut and almonds
  • Goji berries
  • Dates
  • Coconut
  • Linseed, flax seed and sunflower seeds

Whether you want a three-day or a seven-day detox, Eden B2B is here to help – and it’s so simple! All you need to do is pace yourself with eating one pack per day – and don’t worry, the taste is amazing! No really – it has no yucky taste and is surprisingly sweet-ish so it won’t have you gagging at first bite. It’s the only food you need to eat during your cleanse but be sure to accompany it with plenty of water. You can however feel free to eat raw fruit, vegetables and leafy salads and other nuts and seeds, with even a squeeze or two of lemon per day – which all of these, I do anyway so it definitely makes it extremely easy for me. Be sure to keep away from any cooked or processed food as this would interfere with your end goal – which is to become a healthier, cleaner, lighter and a more youthful you.

This cleanse has been very good for me – especially after a few days of cheeky drinks and restaurant meals will have anyone feeling a little guilty about their diet. But Eden B2B helped get me my momentum back and lose the extra kilos in less than a week that I had gained in a few days!

It’s one thing for me to brag about it, and another thing for you guys to try it. And I highly recommend you do! But you gotta be committed, and if you wanna lose even more weight during your detox – I really recommend incorporating exercise into your plan, whether it’s walking, cardio or some light weight lifting or toning, go for it! You have nothing to lose – except some unwanted weight and the guilt of treating your body so poorly, especially during this harsh winter season!

For more product information, and to get a hold of your own detox program, visit

Big love to Eden B2B for getting me back on track!

Micah Gianneli-Eden-B2B-Back-To-Basics-Detox-Diet-Raw-Food-Lifestyle-Food-Editorial-Fashion-Blogger-Healthyfood

Micah Gianneli-Eden-B2B-Back-To-Basics-Detox-Diet-Raw-Food-Lifestyle-Food-Editorial-Fashion-Blogger-Healthyfood

Micah Gianneli-Eden-B2B-Back-To-Basics-Detox-Diet-Raw-Food-Lifestyle-Food-Editorial-Fashion-Blogger-Healthyfood

Photographer // Jesse Maricic @ ONPOINT.
Model // Micah Gianneli