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Little Rituals

July 13, 2014

Sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the roses. And if you can’t get to any of the physical kind, there’s the bottled Aurora Spa kind. And that, I guarantee, is worth taking a little break to do.

I took home some things I’ll be keeping close to me – in the bathroom and in my hand bag – as per below images, which I’ll get to later.

We’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing this World Luxury Spa Award winner first at the Palazzo Versace, which was also my first massage experience. Yes, first massage ever – how I waited this long to get one is beyond me as I definitely need to be getting them more often. This was done with Jesse as a couples massage, which was kinda nice.

The second and most recent time was at their base in Melbourne, where I got to experience their award-winning and signature Kitya Karnu steam room treatment. And what a deep experience that was!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph it (the camera can only be taken so far) but imagine this… A full hour of complete, deep relaxation (choosing the detox option) with a full-body scrub and massage in a 38 degree celsius steam room – only you and the masseuse. And imagine being butt naked wearing only a g-string. Might be frightening for some, but choice of underwear is at your discretion.

The first part is adjusting to the heat, laying faced down so the back is treated first. Then, the Kitya Karnu (meaning ‘salty stone’ in Japanese) begins with aromatic, sense-awakening oils (which are all natural) to inhale, then a light massage and some delicate water drops over your whole back. A salt scrub is then massaged from the tips of your toes, over your entire back, up to your neck then down to your finger tips. You are then showered clean of the scrub, then a less abrasive walnut exfoliant is applied in the same manner. This is followed by another light shower (still lying face down at this stage), then a relaxing light massage – also applied in the very same process. Somewhere in there, smooth warm pebbles gently make their way from one end to the other.

Back done, then front next. Still only my g-string and a small towel covering my girl bits. The exact same procedure is applied to your front, and minus your face – that’s treated last. If there are certain areas you don’t want to be, um, touched – I guess (aside from the obvious) – i.e., stomach, top of chest, etc. – then you have the option to skip those areas.

Once your whole body is done then next is your face. A gentle facial and hair treatment is softly applied, completing the whole experience.

By this stage, if you’re not asleep or exhausted from the heat – you feel completely and utterly relaxed, revived, and exfoliated as hell. Feeling so fresh and so damn clean, you notice the effect of the treatment straight away with much softer skin – and possibly with some vertigo (I’m pretty prone to it and those who are need to take extra care with this treatment) if you don’t ease out of the treatment slowly and carefully.

I could see why both Aurora Spa and the Kitya Karnu won awards – firstly you need to visit one of their locations to experience it for yourself; the Kitya Karnu especially is something I highly recommend for a full-body treatment like no other.

Back to the introduction and the images below. My gorgeous gift pack after my treatment at Aurora Spa consisting of some sweet smelling, all-natural and Australian made products including:

Rosemary and Clove Thermal Balm

Perfect for relaxing stressed out muscles and completely petrochemical free. Smells as good as it feels, with a bees wax base and a skin penetrating menthol that’s just so good for when I spend a lot of time on the computer editing and doing my thing on there. The first balm I’ve ever used for muscle relaxation and I’m hooked already.

Rose and Shea Hand Cream

This is just made for my constantly dry hands. I’ve been moisturising since I was a kid – so I’ve tried and tested a lot of face and body moisturisers out there and can tell you that this is the best smelling, most hydrating and natural-feeling with its geranium, vitamin E and shea butter components.

Vanilla and Honey Lip Moisturiser

Cold weather is a bitch not only to me in general but more so for my lips. And because I wear a matte lipstick on the daily, I find this very hydrating and addictive, restoring the moisture back with its cocoa, papaya and vitamin E elements. I’ve also been using lip balm for a very long time and this is something I can’t live without anymore.

Relax Essential Oil

Another Aurora Spa product that does what it says. With its sweet orange, lavender and may chang scents, drop some in an oil burner, your bath or shower, or in a bowl with boiling water – and just relax…

Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrosol

Pressures of the day getting to you? All good, spray some of this on your face and get rid of those negative vibes with rose otto, calendula and rosewood – all organic.

I can’t speak highly enough about Aurora Spa. From their amazing treatments and faultless products, the experience is inimitable and just something that a girl (or guy) needs every once in a while. And if you can’t get to a location frequently, or at all – you can indulge in their spa products that I now cannot part with. Now finally, some bath products you’ll be proud to buy as a gift, and excited to receive!

Huge thanks to Aurora Spa for our amazing spa days and these fantastic products!

Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion travel style beauty blogger_Auro

Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion travel style beauty blogger_Auro

Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion travel style beauty blogger_Auro

Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion travel style beauty blogger_Auro

Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion travel style beauty blogger_Auro

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